All systems are operational

Past Incidents

4th June 2023

No incidents reported

3rd June 2023

Europe (Amsterdam) - Pressero - Admin All services back online

All services have been restored. We apologize for the down time this has caused. Our team is continuing to work with the datacenter on adding further processes to prevent such events from happening in the future.

Europe (Amsterdam) - Pressero - Admin Services partially restored

Services are beginning to be restored. Our team is continuing to work to restore access. Our datacenter shared that they had a storage switch go down which affected all servers behind it. We will continue to provide updates until all services are back up.

Europe (Amsterdam) - Pressero - Admin AMS Pressero, eDocBuilder, and Support Portal are down

Our datacenter is reporting they are experiencing an outage which affects the servers located in the region (AMS). Our engineers are working closely with them and will provide updates when we can expect service to be restored. Thank you for understanding.

Europe (Amsterdam) - Pressero - Admin AMS Pressero and eDocBuilder are down

We are receiving getting alerts that our datacenter in AMS is down, which affects both Pressero and eDocBuilder for our AMS region. This also affects access to our Support Portal. Our engineers are investigating and working to restore service as soon as possible.

2nd June 2023

No incidents reported

1st June 2023

No incidents reported

31st May 2023

No incidents reported

30th May 2023

Scheduled Maintenance on Dedicated Servers, scheduled 4 days ago

Our infrastructure team will be doing security updates on the DS servers Tuesday evening, at 8:00 PM CST, as well as deploying the latest Pressero updates. A small window of about 1 hour can be expected where Pressero will not be available. This is only impacting DS subscribers. This maintenance event will not affect our primary servers, CHI, AMS, or SG. We will update this window once the maintenance action has been completed.

29th May 2023

No incidents reported