8th July 2020

All systems operational

We had an issue that to be resolved had to have the NTP settings updated for our environments. Unfortunately while updating the settings the datacenter nodes got rebooted, causing our CHI systems to go down. We were able tor rapidly recover eDocBuilder, PJM, and other internal services. Pressero and AutomationHub took a while due to a MBR record crash in one of the database servers. The vSphere client was also facing some issues which caused the fix to take longer. After asking the datacenter staff to reboot the administrative services for the machines, we were finally able to recover the machine and bring services back online. Our infrastructure team did take notes of possible points of enhancement to prevent such a long outage in the case that a similar event comes to happen again. We do apologize for the inconvenience that such service disruption caused to you. Please reach out to our support team if you're still experiencing any issues.