3rd March 2020

North America (Chicago) - Pressero - Store Urgent Notice to Pressero Customers using Temporary Domains!

When your Pressero account was setup, a temporary domain name URL was issued to you for addressing your sites on our servers. This would have followed one of the following formats:

1.) accountname.chi.v6.pressero.com (Pressero Chicago users)

2.) accountname.sg.v6.pressero.com (Pressero Singapore users)

3.) accountname.ams.v6.pressero.com (Pressero Amsterdam users) 

If you have not yet moved your sites from the temporary domain to your custom domain name address this IMPORTANT message applies to you.

We received notice today that the company that provides our SSL certificates identified a bug in their process (which has been fixed) that will require that certificates be re-issued to avoid problems. The temporary domain addresses should not see a problem unless you have not followed the suggested formatting of your temporary domains by using dashes instead of periods as noted below. Please review the information to ensure that your domains have been formatted correctly, and if necessary, update them immediately. The changes must be done by 5 PM CT to avoid problems.

As you create sites in your Pressero account, create them as variations on your Temporary Base Domain using dashes. Meaning that you might make two new sites and use addresses like firstsite-myaccount.chi.v6.pressero.com and secondsite-myaccount.chi.v6.pressero.com for a user on the US/Chicago server. Using dashes instead of periods in the address will ensure that you can set those sites to be secure for ordering on the pressero.com domain.