4th December 2019

Pressero is currently experiencing some order delay issues

1.) Clients may experience delays in Reports using the Report Writer from executing 2.) Clients may experience delays in eDoc files being pushed to Pressero 3.) Clients may experience delays in notification emails being sent out

UPDATE: Our team is still working on resolving these mentioned issues. Pressero is currently working through a backlog of email notifications, which is the main cause of the bottle neck. It should resume normal working conditions in a few hours. Until then the following processes have been manually paused in order to allow the system to get back to normal:

1 - Scheduled Report Generation 2 - Recurrent Budget

We will update this page once those processes have been restarted.

A very small subset of sites that make use of Recurring budgets with updates during this window will need to be manually updated if site users are prevented from checking out, and manually updated after the normal automatic process is restored in order to prevent a "surplus" in the budget.

Thank you for your patience. Our support team will continue to provide updates as they occur.